Who is Gigplanit for?

It’s a funny thing starting a company.  It doesn’t matter if you are creating a new online startup or a corner bakery.  You all start with no customers and Gigplanit is no different.

Whenever I get the chance to talk with someone about Gigplanit, the service we provide and basic capabilities of the platform – they get it.  In fact, they usually get it so quick that they start rattling off idea after idea and gig after gig.  It’s a relief, reassuring and invigorating!  It turns out, just about everyone has a bit of wanderlust and had some point in their life when they could have used a service like Gigplanit.

Most talk back to their college days when they would have given anything to travel to Australia and buss tables at night to catch waves during the day, or take their bike mechanic skills to Mexico and guide mountain bike tours. Even if they don’t have a personal example, they have a brother, cousin, niece or aunt that has seen every corner of the globe and never really had a steady job.

Every day, millions of people pop open Instagram and let the images take their minds to another place.  A place they wish they could go but can’t for lack of infinite funds or fear that they couldn’t support themselves once they get there.  We are here to help.

As it turns out, just about every one of us has a great skill set and a raft of talents that we lean on every day.  But here’s the thing – these skills and talents go wherever you go!  Are you a massage therapist in Buffalo?  You could be a massage therapist in Barbados.  Does your band gig around San Antonio?  Why not Rio?  Do you play the harp in Hartford?  Thanks to our government, you could play in Havana!

The point is, people all over the world are looking for skills and talent that you already have.  Small snorkel tour companies need underwater photographers with CPR and Lifeguard certs.  Breweries in New Zealand need fresh new bands to come play and bring in patrons off the street.

If you are a small, medium or even large business one of your toughest tasks is finding good people, particularly when it comes to unique roles. You get so few chances to find the right fit and you don’t have time to make a bad choice.  At Gigplanit you can create job posts and view applicants and their ratings from previous employers.  These aren’t long term, benefits driven positions.  These are front line value add spots that can really give your company a boost if you hit a home run!

Find those people that are looking to come to you and bring a whole basket of skills that come vetted and willing to bring you their best.

Gigplanit is for everyone.  Don’t think so?  Create a profile for free and post a gig.  As our community builds so will the talent pool and before you know it you’ll want to post another and another.

Let’s build something great!





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