Welcome to Gigplanit – What’s your gig?

The gig economy is booming.  With services like Uber, Lyft, AirBnB and more popping up every day, it’s obvious that the internet is yet again changing the way we all live our lives.  We are no longer chained and bound to the confines of a traditional office the way we were even just 18 month ago.  The 9-5 grind is quickly coming to a halt in lieu of remote work and the ability to do that work on your own schedule.

People are quickly realizing that their talents and abilities are a marketable commodity that they can now easily sell to those in need, rather than be coveted by a single paying employer.  Why take in one paycheck when 2 or 3 are available if you just market yourself a bit? Companies are finding that they can now just pay on a per project basis rather than keeping someone on payroll full time.  It’s a win-win.

Taking it one step further, there is an entire world out there that has now become an office.  There are many sites out there for finding jobs.  Indeed, LinkedIN, Snagajob; all great places if you are looking to lock yourself down and start a true job or career.  But what about those folks that just want to get out and see the world?  People that have a wide variety of talents and qualifications but want to get a piece of that roving gig economy for themselves?

Next week, gigplanit.com will go live.  This will mark the culmination of many sleepless nights and probably the beginning of many more. For me it is beginning my quest to work in my own gig economy by creating a community for others.  Gigplanit is a place to find that short term gig work that may take you somewhere like Fiji.  Or Russia.  Or San Francisco.

Post gigs.  Find gigs.  Pretty simple!

Highly qualified,  talented people are needed all over the world.  Do you speak Mandarin and Spanish and teach Yoga?  There is a gig for you out there.  Are you SCUBA, and Lifeguard certified and want to move to Thailand?  It’s there.  The scary part is just moving without a plan in place.  People have been doing just that for a long time, but now they can plan out their gigs and travel the world with security and piece of mind.

My goal is to make this community work for the users.  I want and need feedback to make the tool as effective as possible.  So next week (I’ll let you know the exact date soon), jump on over to Gigplanit, create your profile and start looking for that next exotic gig!


Thanks for starting a journey with me.  What’s your gig?